A case for your phone is an absolute must, whether you’re rocking the latest model or holding on to an old faithful. Just in case you’re not completely convinced, here are eight very practical reasons to pick out your own cell phone case:

  1. Resist Scratches. A case will often leave a few millimeters of plastic or silicone jutting out from the screen. If you lay the phone screen-down, this tiny gap will prevent your phone’s screen from directly touching flat surfaces. This in turn significantly reduces the chances that small pieces of grit or sand will scratch the surface of the screen as you set it face-down.
  2. Repel Water. Some customized phone cases are designed to waterproof your phone, covering prominent ports and tiny gaps alike. Order a custom phone case designed to waterproof your cell, and it will be able to handily deal with water of all kinds – from the moist confines of a warm pocket to a complete dunking in a sink full of soapy water.
  3. Blunt Impact. Getting a rubberized case for your phone significantly improves its survivability should you accidentally drop it on a hard surface. This is especially true for phones that land corner-first on floors. Spreading out all that force will greatly reduce the chance of cracking or fracturing the point that hits the ground.
  4. Improve Grip. Most phones are sleek with smooth, polished surfaces. Good to look at, but very easy to drop or fumble. A case helps with that problem. Many travel cases are composed of rubber or silicone, which stick to your fingers more easily than most smooth metal or plastic shells.
  5. Attach Mounts. If you plan to attach finger rings or magnetic holders on your phone, you’d better get a case to serve as the attachment point. Sticking these mounts directly on the ‘naked’ cover of your phone could leave gummy residue that will be hell to remove. That’s a risk you can take with cases, though, as replacing damaged cases is a heck of a lot easier and cheaper than replacing a phone’s original cover.
  6. Mask Models. Cell phone cases are pretty good at obfuscating the prominent features of your phone. The right case can mask the outline of your phone, even covering the screen itself with a loose flap. Some custom phone cases can even make your phone look like an entirely different model if you so choose. This is a useful feature, especially when you find yourself in unfamiliar and potentially dangerous neighborhoods.
  7. Expand Functionality. Some custom phone cases are designed to add a few features to your phone, like a built-in power bank or camera lens. The added functionality lets you do so much more with your phone, which is extremely convenient for those that rely on their phones for a variety of functions as they go about their day.
  8. Express Yourself. And last but definitely not the least, customizing a case for your phone can help you bring out your individuality. Beliefs, brands, fandoms, philosophy, ideology, fashion, even the simple desire to stand out from the rest of the crowd – all this is possible with your cell phone case.

Keep all these in mind the next time you’re planning on getting a new case for your cell phone. They’ll help you better understand what, exactly, you’re looking for – maybe even change the way you look at cell phone cases for good!

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When not blogging about tech trends James is busy juggling a job in online marketing with taking care of his boisterous dog Charlie and launching made2b.com, a custom phone case business.