MINI LED Projector 120 hd projectors

It’ll bring you convenient and encounter that is surprising in your own work or on your life. It will provide you fun.

Screen technologies: Single TFT-LCD Panel

This isn’t a professional multimedia Projector for college instruction.

USB / SD interface supports external portable hard disk multimedia movie decoding.

Contrast Ratio: 300:1, Dynamic around 10K

I/O(Input/Output): HD * two; SD/USB * 1; Audio * 1; VGA in * 1; AV * 1; TV * 1

Nearby text screen simpler, with exceptional decoding.

This projector adopts Single hd projectors Panel screen technologies and the LED lamp. Employing MSTAR-4K-level TV processor, HD video is supported by the TV chip decoding, and with port, Total HD decoding unimaginable that is HD. This high definition mobile LED Projector is especially designed Tomtop for Home theatre, Business convention, Entertainment, etc..

Colour: Black

Bundle Size: 22 * 21 * 10.6cm / 8.66 * 8.26 *4.17in

Lamp & Life: LED lamp over 20K Hrs Life

Merchandise weight: 0.4KG

An Excellent new update, smaller, more elegant look of ID

Power source: 12V@2A Power adapter

Bundle Weight: 817.5grams / 28.83ounce

Fan sound: as low as 31 dBa

A New 3C-level Home Projector Market notion for children’s games and present industry

5.1 stereo sound output service.

Projection method: Front, Back

Electricity consumption: 32W

1 * User Guide

There are four primary types of pictures it is possible to display on a projector: info, video, photographs, and games. Any projector can demonstrate any type of picture, but it is important to see without doing a fantastic job that any projector can handle 1 type of image. You’ll need a projector which does a fantastic job with the kind.

Product Sort: Easy Private Cinema Projector

Resolution: 480×320, service Total HD video decoding

New update with HD Port x2, Service 1080P / Total HD Video Decoding

Photo support slide arrangement, in almost any surroundings, reveals your family setting.

Projectors have come a very long way in the times when the very useful way to categorize these was by their own weight class. Nowadays, you can find any number of more purposeful types of classes, including planned use (company presentations, home theater (and game play), technologies (LCD, DLP, and LCOS), throw space (just close to the screen you can put the projector), and much more. Below are a few questions to answer which can allow you to locate a projector with functionality and the features.

Optional analog TV port, or HDTV variations of ATSC / / DVB-T, etc.

Easy Micro Projector for Personal Cinema Concept an urge.

Easy projection to Your Personal Cinema at Any surroundings

It is possible to use the AV cable to link your DVD player and other goods that have AV signal output.

Imaging System: Single LCD Panel Screen

Most versions are offered either as information or business projectors, or as home-theater, home-entertainment, or movie recorders. Additionally, there are a number offered as versions for game play.