How To Grab The Attention Of Website Visitors When Using Mobile Devices

Nowadays, having a website that looks great on a mobile device is not enough. Mobile website design becomes a necessity for absolutely all online businesses. Even Google highlighted the fact that responsive website design makes sites rank higher. This is definitely important. However, using responsive design is only the very first thing. Once a visitor accesses the site, it is important that they are attracted and that they stay. We will specifically be focused on this case.

How To Grab The Attention Of Website Visitors When Using Mobile Devices

Keep Content Concise And Simple

The most important mobile website design rule you have to remember is that everything should be kept as simple and as concise as it is possible. The smartphone user will not be interested and will not have the needed patience to look at content that is extraneous.

We recommend that you always analyze the website a number of times in order to eliminate absolutely all the elements that are not absolutely needed. This includes all taps and swipes that would not add to the user experience.

Any mobile website has to offer what users really want. In most situations this includes maps, contact details, information about online booking and so on. Redirection is possible towards main sites for lengthy information. People normally use mobile devices in a different way than the desktop PC or the laptop. Most do want to use a regular site so the mobile sites need to just focus on the bare essentials. Try to reduce picture numbers unless they are needed.

Reduce Form Numbers

It is important to reduce how many forms would have to be filled out by the visitor. Also, field numbers have to be limited as individuals do not want to enter too much information on a small screen. Mistakes can easily be done. This is not perfect user experience.

Keeping Looks Similar

It is really important that the mobile website will look as similar as possible to the main site. This highlights attention to detail and the focus put on corporate colors is always important. You have to be sure that the site does include the logo and that is as small as possible in order to be seen properly on smaller screens. Too many websites out there simply add a logo that is too large on mobile devices.

Space Between Elements

It is very important that there is enough space available between the buttons since that helps the user to not press another button by mistake. In addition, padding can be added around buttons in order to have a clickable area that is increased.

Always make sure that you talk with the best possible website design company. This practically means that you have to discuss with a firm that does know everything about responsive website design. In the event that the considered firm is not capable of highlighting experience with such type of design, you will want to work with someone else. During a meeting with the considered firm, do discuss all the elements we mentioned. Too many mobile sites make the mistakes.